Prejudice can be Conquered!

Colonization is a Bad Idea
Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010
Let us first look at colonization in general-the idea, doctrine, theory, that it would be better for both the whites and blacks of our country, were the blacks to be sent to a separate community.-Why is this better? Is there not room here enough for both? Yes. Is there not work enough for both? Yes. Is not colonization from our country reversing the order of nature? Yes. The demand for work among us is bring in laborers, by right or by wrong, from all parts of the old world. Strong, then, must be the reasons to justify us in sending out our own native laborers to the old world or elsewhere. We surely do not have extra workers and won't for at least 200 years. How can we afford to send them away? Why send any away? Some actually believe that prejudice is justified-that blacks are inferior-and that white men will never be rid of their prejudice.

The American Colonization Society actually believes that it is a law of nature that blacks can never be equal with whites and therefore they will always be a poor and depressed community in this country. They would be better off in another country. Prejudice is not a good reason for colonization because prejudice can be conquered.

The Anti-Slavery Record
New York: The American Anti-Slavery Society, February 183