Freed Slaves Happy in Liberia

Freed Slaves Should be Returned to Africa
Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Map of Liberia

Where a colony of freed slaves is being established

The bark James W. Page has arrived at New York, bringing advices from Monrovia in Liberia to July 29th. The vessels sent from Baltimore and New York by the African Colonization Society had arrived safely at Liberia, and the cargoes were sold at good profit.--The liberated Africans from the slaver Echo. are doing well in Monrovia. Many are distributed among private families, and learn fast the habits and customs of civilized life. The intelligent colored people that have emigrated from the United States to Liberia speak in the highest terms of the latter country. Mr. John W. Hohn, a colored New Yorker, writes to the agent of the Colonization Society in that city:

"When I left New York for Liberia it was under the impression that I would not find the place suited to my desire, which impression arose from a misrepresentation of Liberia to me by a few acquaintances in New York.--But having been privileged to see and tread upon the delightful shores of Liberia, I am prepared to affirm, without any fear of contradiction, that no place under the sun is better adapted to the colored man than Liberia."


Bring back the slaves

To the editor,
In a recent article of the "Liberator" the writer writes how the slaves are moving to Liberia. As mayor of NYC I say that the slaves that have left should be brought back. After the slave fugitive act the slaves are still ours and they should be harvesting our crops. Anyways they are happy in our plantations. They work hard and get to do everything they do in Liberia at the plantations. They get to sing they're songs and play their games. Every time I visit the south the slaves are happy and doing what they want after work. As mayor of NYC i believe that the slaves should come back to the U.S.A.
Thank you for considering my views,
Fernando Wood