Personal Info
First Name: 
Last Name: 
Sunday, December 3, 1826
Biographical Info
Early Childhood Life: 
I was the second of three boys.I also had two sisters.I was very well educated
Education & Training: 
I was a Yale graduate and I completed medical school at the university of Pennsylvania. I entered a private school at the age of five.I also entered a preparatory school before going into the University of Pennsylvania in 1840.After two years at the university of Pennsylvania I decided to enter West Point at the age of 16.
taught military enginering
I was the second of three boys.I also had two sisters.My dad was a surgeon. he also took part in the finding of Jefferson Medical College. My younger brother Arthur followed me into the older brother John Hill Brinton McClellan became a well-respected physicist.
Residence in 1850: 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Political Info
Political Party: 
Government Positions: 
Basic Position: 
Limited Slavery
Opinion on Slavery: 
I believe that to keep resistance to a minimum, it should be made clear that the Union forces would not interfere with slavery and would help put down any slave insurrections. I am against emancipation.
Personal Reason for Position: 
I thought it weakened the country.
What Should Be Done About Slavery: 
I think that slavery should not be abolished. If the war goes on to long I think we should make peace with the south and let them keep slavery.
How I supported this position: 
I supported this position because I rote a memo to the president saying that I think we should just make peace with the south.
Quote About Slavery: 
"Military power should not be allowed to interfere with the relations of servitude"