Slavery is on the March!

Beware of How Slavery will Spread!
Wednesday, January 11th, 1854

Slavery is malevolent (evil) and malignant. It loves aggression, for when it ceases to be aggressive it stagnates and decays. It is the leper of modern civilization, but a leper whom no cry of "unclean" will keep from intruding into uninfected company.

Hitherto Slavery in this country has held its ground by sheltering itself behind the Constitution. It has played the role of persecuted virtue -- and thus it has made well-meaning people feel sorry for the south even though they do not like slavery. The south has  pretended that it was attacked by injustice and fanaticism, which were destroying its supports and overthrowing the constitutional guards and defenses placed around it.

To many Northern men the south only seems to be defending  slavery where it exists not trying to spread it. But now it appears that slavery is determined to spread to areas that were supposed to be free under our compromises. It now proposes to invade and overrun the soil of freedom, and to spread its darkness over free territory whereon a slave has never stood. Freedom is to be elbowed out of its own home to make room for the leprous intruder. The free laborer is to be expelled that the slave may be brought in.

If Slavery may trespass upon the domain of freemen, freemen may trespass upon the domain of Slavery. If Slavery thinks this is a safe game to play at, let it be pursued as it has been begun.



To the Editor

To the Editor,
In a recent issue of the Liberator you published a artical entitled "Slavery on the March" in which the writer argues that slavery shouldwnt move just stay where it is. As the President of the United States of America i must take issue with this possition for several reasions. First i think slavery should spreed farther into the terratorie that is not states yet.

How absurd!

To The Editor:

In a recent issue of The Liberator, you published an article entitled
"Slavery is on the March", in which the writer states that slave owners are horrible and so is slavery.

As a strong supporter of slavery, I must take issue with this position for several reasons. First, the facts you use to support your argument are incorrect. Slavery is not evil. It is simply white men taking control of negros and using them for what they were meant to be used for. I wrote a few books on the subject, so I think I would know what I'm talking about. I have been a defender of slavery for years, and these comments are contradicting everything I have ever said. In my opinion, your argument is unfair because not all slave owners are "evil" or "malignant".

I hope you will consider thinking next time before you start judging.
I bid you good day,
George Fitzhugh

to the editor, I'm responding

to the editor,
I'm responding to the letter of George Fitzhugh who argues that blacks are meant to be made for slavery and that not all slave owners are "evil". I disagree with this for several reasons. First of all blacks are humans they have all equal parts that white men have the only reason they are mistreated is because of the color of their skin, if this trait really affected how people should be treated then some white men would also be mistreated. For example if one white man has a different body structure than what most people are saying is that we should hate him because he is not like the rest of us. Second nobody is born for a specific purpose we should all have a say in what we want to do or be not just based on their skin color. Lastly the statement "not all slave owners are evil or malignant" is not true, because all slave owners tell slaves what to do they all mistreat them and have them under bad conditions and that is not how we treat people which we all are no matter what race color of skin or any other traits. Thank you for your consideration
sincerely, Angelina Grimke

Abolish Slavery

I am replying to the letter of George Fitzhugh in which he argues that the negro should just be used for whatever white people want to use them for. It seems that he wants to treat them like a bunch of garbage. You don't have to control people as if they were a dog. People are all the same and have the right to fight for their own rights.
I hope you consider thinking before you say something like this again.
Clement Vallandigham

How rude!

Dear Mr. Vallandigham,
I'm responding to the extremely rude letter sent by you, where you said that i wanted to treat slaves like a bunch of garbage. However, this statement couldn't be more incorrect. I don't think that slaves should be treated like garbage. Quite the opposite in fact. I'm just stating that negros are meant to serve us and nothing else. However, I still think that they should be treated with dignity and respect.
This is just the type of letter I expected to receive from a Yankee like you, Mr. Vallandigham.

Say hello to the Mrs. for me,
George Fitzhugh

No Human Should Be Enslaved!!!!!

To the editor
I' am responding to a letter that George Fitzhugh wrote in which he stated that Negros are meant to serve us. i completely disagree with this statement. no man should be meant to serve any other man. just making them work and giving them little break in harsh conditions.

Slave Owners are not "Evil"

To the Editor:

In a recent issue of the Liberator you published an article entitled "Slavery is on the March!" where the writer says that the slave owners are "evil".As the Mayor of New York City, I highly doubt that the southerners should be called names or be called evil. I have seen the southerners and their slaves are happy and they are needed a lot. They are used for important harvesting of cotton and are needed to harvest faster. They are well treated and are only disciplined when they are behaving badly or hurting each other. The incorrect fact of this article is that the slave owners are "evil" and don't care about the slaves' well being. I know the argument is unfounded by my trips to the south seeing that these slaves are treated well as they are allowed to follow their own customs and don't have to worry about torture. I think this article is immoral because it discriminates against the southerners and any other slave owner as a cruel, evil person.
Finally, and most importantly, if we allow your advice then there will be unqualified black workers running through the streets looking for the jobs that we Americans need in order to pay off taxes and support our families.
Instead, I hope your reader will say that the southern people and any other slave owners are not evil or cruel.
Thank you for considering my views,
Fernando Wood