Personal Info
First Name: 
Anna Ella
Last Name: 
Tuesday, August 29, 1815
Biographical Info
Early Childhood Life: 
I was born on August 29, 1815 to Thomas and Juliana Carroll. I was the oldest child of 7 younger brothers and sisters, but I was always my father's favorite. I was a very privileged child that had a slave caretakers and a servant. My servant was around my age and we became good friends.
Education & Training: 
When my family moved to Annapolis, I studied at Miss Mercer's Boarding School. I also attended a Presbyterian Church and did a lot of work there.
Pamphlet Writer
I was proposed to a couple of times but I refused because I wanted to focus on my political career.
Residence in 1850: 
Political Info
Political Party: 
Government Positions: 
Basic Position: 
Opinion on Slavery: 
I am a Unionist, so I want the states to stay together as a whole. I am from a slave state, and I do not want any other states to secede from the nation. I do not think that the southern states have the right to secede at all because I believe it is against the Constitution. I was also an abolitionist and I want to end slavery because I think it is wrong. At the same time, I do not believe that Congress has the power to abolish slavery and take away property from citizens. I was also a propagandist and I tried to prove my points and influence others in my writing.
Personal Reason for Position: 
There was a lot of tension between the North and the South. I want the nation to stay together and I do not want Maryland to secede from the Union. I wanted as much of the country to stay together as possible. I was a very strong and active Unionist. Maryland is where I live and I did not want to leave the United States and go into the Confederacy. I do not think the southern states have the right to secede and leave the country. I think it is unconstitutional. I believe that the north should have the right to fight to bring the south back into the Union.
What Should Be Done About Slavery: 
I do not think that the government has the right to end slavery and swipe the belongings of slave owners. I do not agree with the abolitionists of Congress. I had freed all of my slaves and sent them to Canada and Latin America. It was my decision to free my slaves, and the decision is always left to the slave owners. Most slave owners would not release their slaves because they need their help. Without the slaves, people would lose money and it would create more conflicts. If Abraham Lincoln decides that ending slavery will keep the nation together, then it should be done.
How I supported this position: 
I had twenty slaves that my father gave to me. I freed them all to support the belief that slavery should be abolished. I knew that the slaves could easily be recaptured and sent back to me, so I helped them travel to Canada and Latin America. I also wrote to Governor Hicks who was the governor of Maryland and I wanted to convince him to stay in the Union and not secede.