Abraham Lincoln

Personal Info
First Name: 
Last Name: 
Hodgenville, Kentucky
Tuesday, February 28, 1809
Biographical Info
Early Childhood Life: 
My family and I lived in our farm were I was born in for two years. then we all moved to another farm close to were we lived before. Even though my parents didn't have as much money, they kept me and my sister, Sarah, well fed and clothed every day. My families life was getting better and better on the new farm, but on October 1818, my mother passed away. She got a sickness called milk poisoning because one of our cows weren't healthy and didn't have well milk.
Education & Training: 
When me and my sister weren't doing our chores as always, we both went to a log schoolhouse close to our home. Sarah and I were very smart. we learned mathematics, writing, and reading. i didn't really train in anything, but I did have a goal in life. My goal was to obtain a very good education. I wanted to grow up to have a good job after my many years on studies.
I was born with a mother, Nancy Lincoln, my father, Mr. Lincoln, and my sister, Sarah Lincoln. But unfortunately, my youngest brother died during his infancy. my parents didn't have as much money as some rich people, but he could always afford food and clothing for my mom, sister, and I.
Residence in 1850: 
Washington D.C.
Political Info
Political Party: 
Basic Position: 
Limited Slavery
Opinion on Slavery: 
My opinion on slavery would've been appealing to some and then again, incorrect to others. many people from the south believed that because i was now president, i would have abolished slavery. they thought this because they probably know i was born in the north were there are no slaves, but there are blacks, but we up here treated them like everyone else...as our equal. so i wouldn't really agree with slavery at all. i was raised to treat others the same, not mean or making them feel foolish, but to be kind and respect others. If i was placed in a group between abolitionist or pro-slavery, i would be in the abolitionist group because i think its horrible what many people do with blacks back in the south.
Personal Reason for Position: 
My reasons for my position in slavery was because i grew up were slavery was not common up here in my part of the world, up here in the north. but now because I'm president, i cant just all of a sudden make a law saying there cant be anymore slavery, i cant just abolish it. so now that I'm president i made some choices i didn't really think were the right choices. i agreed to keep slavery were it was. If i abolished slavery, everyone down in the south would've gone barbaric and seceded or fought for their right to keep slavery. so i knew that if I was to take away slavery, it would've been my doings for the deaths of many republicans and democratic's. so i made sure that slavery didn't spread to new territories on the Louisiana territory, or anywhere else, and kept slavery for the Southerners and others.
What Should Be Done About Slavery: 
My decision on what should be done about slavery was to keep it were it was. i didn't want to abolish it because everyone in the south would hate me and not listen to me when the congress and i make new laws. so i kept it were slavery was. i didn't take it away from the southerners, but i also decided that i had to prevent it from spreading to other territories. i was considered a limited slavery person now that I'm the president. i was considered this because i didn't want to abolish slavery, but at the same time i did. if i could i would abolish slavery, but that would make the southerners mad, but if i didn't, the northerners would've thought i wasn't a real northerner.
How I supported this position: 
i supported my position by trying to be loyal and fair to both sides, the north and the south. i left slave have their life as black peasants working for southerners.
Quote About Slavery: 
"If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it," he declared, "If I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone, I would also do that"