Sojourner Truth

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Ulster County, New York
Saturday, November 18, 1797
Biographical Info
Early Childhood Life: 
I was born in Ulster County New York. I was born somewhere around 1797. I was given the name Isabella, and was called " Bell." My mom's name was Elizabeth. But we called her Betsy. My father's name was James. My parents' master was very nice. e gave are family a place to stay, and let us grow are own crops. So my parents could afford for the children, some clothes. Are master has died, so then we got the son of the old master. He was the nicest master in the family. The new master built a hotel, and let us leave in it. It was really cold and damp in there, it gave some of us sicknesses and illnesses.
Education & Training: 
I spoke Dutch until i was sold from my family. I learned how to speak English quickly, because of my cruel master. My masters wife didn't speak dutch at all. So when she told me instructions, that i didn't understand, I would get beatings. One day my master took me into the barn
House Keeper, Human Rights Activist, Orator,
When I was a slave for John Dumont, I married to Thomas, he was another of John's slaves. We had five children together. I ran away with my youngest child. I had four girls, and one boy. Their names are Diana, Elizabeth, Sophia, Hannah, and Peter.
Residence in 1850: 
Park Street, Florence
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Opinion on Slavery: 
I hate slavery. I thought it was a very cruel thing. My master promised to free ,e, but he didn't say anything to me later on...I went up to him and asked him why haven't we been freed? He said the deal was off. I couldn't handle the fact that i was not going to be freed. So i decided to run away, but my husband Tom, said not too. I left, but then I was thinking about my little baby Sophia, and couldn't leave her, so I went back and got her. During my journey I stayed with a Quaker Family. I wanted Slavery to be abolished. I did everything I could, to make slavery abolished. M son Peter was sold to Alabama to be a slave, but I didn't want that, because it was a "Slave for Life" state. I took it to court, I won the case and got Peter to live with me. I was an abolitionist against slavery, all my life. I spook in front of Congress and two presidents.
Personal Reason for Position: 
The reason why i am against slavery is because I was once a slave...and it was a very harsh thing. I believe that everyone should be treated equally, even if its for peoples rights, or slavery. I could not stand getting beaten. The most painful thing is watching my children get beaten. I would do anything for them. I loved them so much. It was very hard work being a slave. I had to feed my family, raise my family, and also i had to do whatever the master wanted me to do, which was a lot. I hated it so much, i hated it since i was born. I always wanted to be an abolitionist since i was a slave. I even changed my name from Isabelle to Sojourner because Sojourner meant traveling in a different language and i traveled a lot to help with slavery.
What Should Be Done About Slavery: 
I wanted slavery to be abolished. EVERYWHERE! Just because our skin color is different does not mean that we should be treated differently. I worked tirelessly for the end of slavery, and the beginning of Women's Rights. My last great cause was to have a national plan for giving land to slaves in the West. But Congress didn't go through with it. I found a friend, that wrote me a book called "The Narrative of Sojourner Truth: A Northern Slave." I was too busy helping with slavery, i never learned how to read or write.
Quote About Slavery: 
“I am not going to die, I'm going home like a shooting star.”