Fernando Wood

Personal Info
First Name: 
Last Name: 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sunday, June 14, 1812
Biographical Info
Early Childhood Life: 
I had to work for family money. I went from a low paying job to another. It was the only way we could afford anything.
Education & Training: 
My training came from many years of working many jobs. I went through lots of low paying jobs that got me to learn new things. I got many skills from these many different jobs.
Mayor of New York, Representative
My dad was a fail in all his jobs. He was not close to rich.
Residence in 1850: 
New York City, New York
Political Info
Political Party: 
Government Positions: 
Mayor, Representative
Basic Position: 
Opinion on Slavery: 
I supported slavery since it is one of the reasons that lots of cotton was picked. It made work faster and in the cotton farms. The faster they worked the faster we got our cotton for the factories.
Personal Reason for Position: 
My reason for my position is because it helps with New York's industrial side. We get cotton a lot faster when the slaves are picking it whether then one farmer doing it by himself.
What Should Be Done About Slavery: 
I think that slavery should stay but only in the south. It is not hurting anyone and there is no problem. It is okay when they are the inferior race and we command them. It doesn't matter especially hen they ar the under race and we are the higher race.
How I supported this position: 
I support this position because they are really are the inferior people. They are our slaves because we are the upper race and we are better. they pick the cotton for us and if they don't give us cotton I will get New York City to seceed from the Union. I will fight for what is right which is for us to command the lower race.
Quote About Slavery: 
The Almighty has fixed the distinction of the races; the Almighty has made the black man inferior, and sir, by no legislation, by no partisan success, by no revolution, by no military power, can you wipe out this distinction.