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The hidden agenda of Abolitionists
Friday, April 16th, 2010

One among the most mischievous consequences of modern Abolition, is that it certainly tends to excite the most injurious prejudices, heart burnings and jealousies of the South against the North, and the North against the South.

That such has already been the case, will not be denied by the most casual observer, and if their schemes are persevered in, the result must inevitably be the severance of this our happy Union, and all the unspeakable calamities which would result from it.

It becomes then every friend of his country to oppose with all his might the spread of such pernicious doctrines: to watch their movement with Argus eyes and ceaseless vigilance, and be ever ready to oppose them, and to stay their mad career….

It is the bounden duty of every man to examine into the subject who feels the least desire for the welfare of our common country.  The spirit of abolitionism is the spirit of the devil cloaked under the garb of love and philanthropy!

No good spirit would do as they have done, and are doing.  Have they not advised the slave to steal, to runaway from his master, to use brute force.  Out of their own mouths they stand convicted of these awfully heinous crimes, for day after day do they send forth their emissaries loaded with papers, books and pamphlets, publishing their own damming deeds to the world.



The hidden agenda of Abolitionist

To the editor:
I am replying about the article "The hidden agenda of Abolitionists". This article says that we have a happy Union even though we have slaves. That is incorrect because most Northerners are abolitionists and most Southerners are Pro-Slavery.

Happy Union

To the editor:

I have to disagree with you about out Union not being happy. We are happy even know we have slaves . In a way slaves meke us a little happer because all the cotton produced in the south is sold to other countries.

The hidden agenda of Abolitionist

To the editor:
I am replying to a comment written by Robert E. Lee that I oppose. It says that only southerners have slaves when some northerners have some to. Some border states are part of the union but are known to have slaves. This shows how there are some northerners have slaves that proves that northerners have slaves as well as southerners.
Thank you for showing my views,
Fernando Wood