How to Write a Letter to the Editor

We Welcome Your Comments!
Thursday, June 10th, 2010

The EditorsĀ  welcome readers' comments. We know that they will be well written and well reasoned. Please consider using the following template. Additional directions follow.

To The Editor:

In a recent issue of <Newspaper Name> you published an article entitled
<Article Title in quotation marks>, in which the writer argues that <paraphrase the point you are going to disagree with - put it in your own words!>.

As <your position in society / role in government / reason for being
believed> I must take issue with this position for several reasons. First, the facts you use to support your argument are incorrect. <explain which facts are incorrect and why>. Second, based on my experience, I know that your argument is unfounded. <explain something that you might have experienced which shows the argument is wrong>. Thirdly, in my opinion, your argument is [immoral/unfair] because (explain why it is unfair or immoral).
Finally, and most importantly, if we followed your advice <explain the negative results that will occur]

Instead, I hope your readers will <say what you want people to do>.
Thank you for considering my views.<or some other concluding statement>
[your persona's name]

Note from Ms. Turner:
If your position is pro slavery, go to the Liberator. If you are an abolitionist, go the Guardian. If your position is "limited slavery," you can go to either newspaper. Choose an article that you disagree with. Then write a letter to the editor of that newspaper explaining why you disagree. Respond to an article that does not already have a response.

The above template may be used for your letter to the editor. You should have at least two well written and detailed reasons to support your disagreement. Some of you may disagree based only on facts or experience; others may disagree based on negative results or unfairness.

(Spellchecking: If any words appear to be misspelled (red line underneath) copy the word and paste it into "" which you can get by entering the address in a separate window.)